Reservoir Dogs Ending Explained & Introducing our Desert Island films!
That Final SceneNovember 11, 202356:4584.24 MB

Reservoir Dogs Ending Explained & Introducing our Desert Island films!

Hello, my fellow kids. Our first Tarantino film ending is here & it's none other than Reservoir Dogs'. One of the most perplexed endings from the auteur himself so we thought it needed some attention and re-examination. Curious to hear your thoughts: Whatever happened to mr. Pink? 🤔

That's not all though. In this episode, we're also introducing a new game: Our Desert Island films aka 3 films each one of us would take to a desert island with them. We need you to listen in because you'll have to help us vote which ones should stay in the list and which ones should go. It's about to get all Hunger Games-y in here 😨

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