About That Final Scene

Started as an extension of the Instagram page That Final Scene, which Sophie has been running for years, this podcast brings the topic of final scenes to discussions you can listen to and dive deeper. 

There is a lot to debate and play with when it comes to movie endings and TV show finales. In fact, aren't endings usually the #1 thing we remember after we watch something? As human beings, we're obsessed with the concept of closure. Great endings help us be a little more okay with our existence while bad endings make life feel rushed, almost incomplete.

WELL, THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN. To try to bring some clarity into the chaos that is endings. 

But that's not all. As friends of cinema and television, we'll do our best to save you time and energy by bringing forward recommendations from films and TV shows that are worth it. 

What you can expect from the show:

  • Intro: Film & TV picks (so you don't waste hours searching for the next best thing on Netflix)
  • Main focus: Breaking down final scenes from both new releases and iconic classics
  • Bonus: Going deeper in wider cinema topics & interactive input from our community

If you got this far, go on. Give us a try on your favourite podcast app 🎥

Our Hosts

Put faces to the names.


"Well, I'll be your host so...hi. I started the Instagram page "That Final Scene" over four years ago as a way to channel my obsession with endings. Things always end, ain't that cool? Depressing? Refreshing? Odd? It makes you more grateful of what you have in front of you right now, like the first act of Black Swan or the opening scene of La La Land. I don't call myself a film critic nor a historian, so if you're looking for a crash course in cinema history, I'm not your gal. But hopefully, I'll make you think about and appreciate moments in film and television in ways you haven't before."


"I'll be the Irish voice you hear from time to time getting overly emotional about James Bond and as a former am dram kid I might read a little too much into performances. After seeing The Phantom Menace in the cinema as a child I became  obsessed with movies and what a great way to start because the only way was up....if you’re reading this George I’m sorry...I guess that's one guest who could turn down the pod. Excited to final-ly have a platform to nerd out about all things film and make some awful puns."


"Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter are three films I have never seen. Mrs Doubtfire, Peep Show and The Rocky Horror Picture Show however have zero risk of elven content and I have watched them over a thousand times. Thinking about it there probably are some elves in Rocky Horror. Ignore me. In the words of Jeremy Osborne: I don’t want to tempt fate but I think everything is going to be totally great forever."