Challengers reactions, Baby Reindeer discourse & is the Superhero era over?
That Final SceneMay 16, 202458:17133.4 MB

Challengers reactions, Baby Reindeer discourse & is the Superhero era over?

You'll want to stay until the END for this me. We're back with another catch up episode (as we have soooo much catch up to do) but fear not, the next ep is going to be a massive final scene treat. In any case, this discussion was really fun:

  • A listener did not enjoy Ripley so we're diving right into it
  • Ben has now also watched Baby Reindeer and gives his reactions
  • Sophie is obsessed with Challengers and struggles to not give any spoilers
  • Simon watched A Beautiful Boy and gave his reaction
  • Tom Hanks and his Da Vinci trilogy has a cameo somewhere in the ep
  • Another listener asked us if Timothée Chamalet should stop acting and we have thoughts
  • We tackle a more serious listener question: Is the era of superheroes over? This is a JUICY one
  • ANDDDD we announce the final scene of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING - we finally convinced Simon!!

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