Horrible characters we (kinda) love & Succession ending explained
That Final SceneJune 14, 202357:0384.66 MB

Horrible characters we (kinda) love & Succession ending explained

Join us in our first TV Show finale breakdown - and what an honour to start with the splashing, exhilarating & devastating final episode of Succession. Did our 3mo boi have it coming? Well, listen in to find out.

Other things we're chatting through in this episode:

  • Simon's Steven Seagal rabbit-holes continue
  • Sophie has lost faith in Guy Richie after seeing his latest, The Covenant
  • Ben gives us the behind-the-scenes latest on HBO's The Idol
  • The characters you love to hate and hate to love (Walter White? It's complicated)
  • And some great debates around Succession and whether there should have been another season or not

Extra useful link - The music playlist Simon mentioned on the podcast, aka our first Spotify playlist, is here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4jY4CxDKuWTd2UnjVtYXWU?si=b4b5660df24a4cc0

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