A Few Good Films Launch + Poor Things Ending Explained
That Final SceneFebruary 07, 202448:47111.67 MB

A Few Good Films Launch + Poor Things Ending Explained

This year's Everything Everywhere All At Once is here and it's no other than Yorgos Lanthimos' Poor Things (my boy!). In this episode, we break down its final scene but we also finally launch A FEW GOOD FILMS with our very first debate up for a listen. Can't wait for you to chime in & vote.

So let's go:

  • Our dreamy celebrity encounters
  • A friendly debate on approaching celebrities and personal experiences with meeting them
  • Introduction to 'A few good films' aka 'Desert Island' segment
  • The actual DEBATE between me and Simon
  • Discussion on 'Poor Things' , the film's pacing and structure
  • Dissecting the film's final Scene and why it's Lanthimos' most optimistic one yet
  • Reflecting on the film's impact and the director's style

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