CinemaCon reactions, films that changed our lives & 12 Angry Men ending explained
That Final SceneMay 03, 2022x
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CinemaCon reactions, films that changed our lives & 12 Angry Men ending explained

Years in the making. Now the THAT FINAL SCENE podcast is finally here. Joined by Ben and Simon, Sophie enters the podcasting world with film conversations that will make you laugh, cry, think and all the fun stuff in-between.

What you’ll find in our debut episode:

  • Intro of the podcast: What are we all about?
  • CinemaCon reactions: What has stood out to us so far
  • Going through your answers to the question: What’s a film that changed your life and in what way?
  • Final scene breakdown: 12 Angry Men, one of the most critically acclaimed films from Sidney Lumet & the very first post of my Instagram page.

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Some of the films that are mentioned in the episode that we think are worth checking out: Children of Men, Point Break, The Prestige, The Truman Show, Interstellar, La La Land, Life is Beautiful, The Shawshank Redemption, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Into The Wild, Arrival, Moon, Dog Day Afternoon

Also mentioned in this episode: “I Lost It At The Movies” by Pauline Kael (an incredible book on film criticism):

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